LC-MS Targeted (TMIC-Prime)


LC-MS Targeted (TMIC-Prime) metabolomic analysis is useful for plasma, serum urine, tissue, milk, CSF, soil, water, meat, fruits, vegetables, feces, cell media, cell lysate, and cells.


Matrices / Biosamples:  Plasma, Serum, Urine, Tissue, Milk, CSF, Meat, Fruits, Vegetables, Feces, Cell Media, Cell Lysate, Cells

Volume Requirement:  80 ul; 30-40 mg

Pathways: TCA Cycle, Amino acid metabolism, Fatty acid metabolism, Central carbon metabolism, Lipid metabolism, Urea Cycle, Redox Balance, 1-Carbon metabolism

Compound Classes:  Lipids, Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, Organic acids, Biogenic amines, Acylcarnitines, Phosphatidylcholines, LysoPCs, Sphingomyelins, Sugars, Neurotransmitters

Cost per Sample:  Academic/Government $65; Industry $85

Number of Compounds:  143

Quantitative:  Absolute

Compound List:  Acetylornithine, Asymmetric dimethylarginine, Total dimethylarginine, alpha-Aminoadipicacid, Carnosine, Carnosine, Creatinine, Dopa, Dopamine, Histamine, Kynurenine, Methioninesulfoxide, Hydroxyproline (t4-OH-Pro), Hydroxyproline (c4-OH-Pro), Phenylethylamine, Putrescine, Sarcosine, Serotonin, Spermidine, Spermine, Diacetylspermine, Taurine, Tyramine, Nitrotyrosine, Alanine, Arginine, Asparagine, Aspartate, Citrulline, Glutamate, Glutamine, Glycine, Histidine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Ornithine, Phenylalanine, Proline, Serine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Tyrosine, Valine, Betaine, TMAO, Choline, Creatine, Phosphocreatine, Methylhistidine, Homocysteine, C0 (Carnitine), C2 (Acetylcarnitine), C3:1 (Propenoylcarnitine), C3 (Propionylcarnitine), C4:1 (Butenylcarnitine), C4 (butyrylcarnitine), C3-OH (hydroxyPropionylcarnitine), C5:1 (Tiglylcarnitine), C5 (Valerylcarnitine), C4-OH (C3-DC) (Hydroxybutyrylcarnitine), C6:1 (Hexenoylcarnitine), C6 (C4:1-DC) (Hexanoylcarnitine), C5-OH (C3-DC-M), C5:1-DC (Glutaconylcarnitine) (hydroxyvalerylcarnitine), C5-DC (C6-OH)(Glutarylcarnitine), C8 (Octanoylcarnitine), C5-M-DC (methylglutarylcarnitine), C9 (Nonaylcarnitine), C7-DC (pimelylcarnitine), C10:2 (decadienylcarnitine), C10:1 (Decenoylcarnitine), C10 (Decanoylcarnitine), C12:1 (Dodecenoylcarnitine), C12 (dodecanoylcarnitine), C14:2 (Tetradecadienylcarnitine), C14:1 (tetradecenoyl carnitine), C14 (tetradecanoylcarnitine), C12-DC (dodecanedioylcarnitine), C14:2-OH (hydroxytetradecadienylcarnitine), C14:1-OH (Hydroxytetradecenoyl carnitine), C16:2 (Hexadecadienylcarnitine), C16:1 (Hexadecenoylcarnitine), C16 (Hexadecanoylcarnitine), C16:2-OH (hydroxyhexadecadienylcarnitine), C16:1-OH (Hydroxyhexadecenoylcarnitine), C16-OH (hydroxyhexadecanoylcarnitine), C18:2 (Octadecadienylcarnitine), C18:1 (Octadecenoylcarnitine), C18:1 (Octadecenoylcarnitine), C18 (Octadecanoylcarnitine), C18:1-OH (Hydroxyoctadecenoylcarnitine), Glucose, PC diacyl (aa) C36:6, PC aa C32:2, PC aa C38:0, PC aa C38:6, PC aa C40:1, PC aa C40:2, PC aa C40:6, PC acyl-alkyl (ae) C40:6, PC ae C36:0 , lysophophatidylcholine (lysoPC a C18:2), SM (OH) C14:1, SM (OH) C16:1, SM (OH) C22:1, SM (OH) C22:2, SM (OH) C24:1, SM C16:0, SM C16:1, SM C18:0, SM C18:1, SM C20:2, lysoPC a C14:0, lysoPC a C16:0, lysoPC a C16:1, lysoPC a C17:0, lysoPC a C18:0, lysoPC a C18:1, lysoPC a C18:2, lysoPC a C20:3, lysoPC a C20:4, lysoPC a C24:0, lysoPC a C26:0, lysoPC a C26:1, lysoPC a C28:0, lysoPC a C28:1, Lactic acid, beta-Hydroxybutyric acid, alpha-Ketoglutaric acid, Citric acid, Butyric acid , Propionic acid, HPHPA, para-hydroxyhippuric acid, Succinic acid, Fumaric acid, Pyruvic acid, Isobutyric acid, Hippuric acid, Methylmalonic acid, Homovanillic acid, Indole acetic acid, Uric acid

  Humans, Crop Plants, Medicinal Plants, Mice, Rats, Livestock, Fish, Yeast, E. coli, Water, Soil, Raw Foods (Meat, Fruits, Vegetables), Prepared Foods

Validation or Publication:  PMID: 30706502; Minerbi, A.; Gonzalez, E.; Brereton, N. J. B.; Anjarkouchian, A.; Dewar, K.; Fitzcharles, M. A.; Chevalier, S.; Shir, Y. Altered microbiome composition in individuals with fibromyalgia. Pain 2019, 160, 2589-2602. Anal. Chem. 2020, 92, 15, 10627–10634;
Magan, J. B.; O’Callaghan, T. F.; Zheng, J.; Zhang, L.; Mandal, R.; Hennessy, D.; Fenelon, M. A.; Wishart, D. S.; Kelly, A. L.; McCarthy, N. A. Impact of bovine diet on metabolomic profile of skim milk and whey protein ingredients. Metabolites 2019, 9, 10.3390/metabo9120305. Metabolites 2020, 10, 233; doi:10.3390/metabo10060233

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