LC-MS Targeted (Polyphenols)


LC-MS Targeted (Polyphenols) metabolomic analysis is useful for plants, trees, leaves, and plant foods.

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Matrices / Biosamples:  Plants, Trees, Leaves, Plant Foods

Volume Requirement:  50 ul; 7-10 mg

Pathways: Polyphenol Metabolism, Flavonoid Metabolism

Compound Classes:  Polyphenols

Cost per Sample:  Academic/Goverment $60; Industry $80

Number of Compounds:  19

Quantitative:  Absolute

Compound List: Ellagic Acid, Ferulic Acid, Caffeic Acid, Catechin, Cinnamic Acid, Coumarin, Gallic Acid, Isorhamnetin, Kaemferol, Luteolin, Naringin, P-coumaric Acid, Quercetin, Sinapic Acid, Syringic Acid

Species:  Crop Plants, Medicinal Plants, Raw Foods (Meat, Fruits, Vegetables), Prepared Foods

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Industry, Government, Academic