GC-MS Targeted (Lipids)


GC-MS Targeted (Lipids) is useful for the metabolomic analysis of plasma, serum, tissue, food, meat, and cells

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Matrices / Biosamples:  Plasma, Serum, Tissue, Food, Meat, Cells

Volume Requirement:  200 ul; 100mg

Pathways: Fatty acid metabolism, Lipid metabolism

Compound Classes:  Fatty Acid Metabolism, Lipid Metabolism

Cost per Sample:  Academic/Government $400; Industry $520

Number of Compounds:  ~150 – 200

Quantitative:  Absolute

Compound List:  4 neutral (FFA, CE, DAG, TAG) and 8 phospholipids classes (PC, LPC, PE, LPE, PA, LPA, PG, LPG)

Species: Humans, Crop Plants, Medicinal Plants, Mice, Rats, Livestock, Fish, Yeast, E. coli, Water, Soil, Raw Foods (Meat, Fruits, Vegetables), Prepared Foods

Validation or Publication:  Metabolomics (2013) 9:360–378


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Industry, Government, Academic