Wishart Node of The Metabolomics Innovation Centre


The Wishart Node offers many exciting opportunities. 

Are you a researcher or scientist looking to have active metabolomics mentoring?  Check out the Research Hotel.

Are you looking for a shorter workshop to enhance your understanding of metabolomics, bioinformatics, or another related field?  Check out our upcoming Workshops.

Looking for employment with the Wishart Node of TMIC?  Check out the positions available.

Available Positions

  • We are currently seeking a full-time post-doctoral fellow in mass spectrometry (MS). The successful candidate will have proven experience in analytical chemistry or a related field and should have experience in the MS. The incumbent will be responsible for development of metabolomics methods based on LC/MS, GC/MS and ICP/MS, analyzing and interpreting MS results, and writing manuscripts.
    U of A Career Page Competition No. A106147460