Wishart Node of The Metabolomics Innovation Centre

Making Metabolomics Matter

since 1999

The Metabolomics Innovation Centre (TMIC) is a non-profit metabolomics core facility at the University of Alberta founded by Dr. David Wishart, a pioneer and leader in metabolomics, to provide metabolomic analysis.  We provide an accessible, affordable alternative to a commercial company in industry, all while maintaining strict standards of quality and accuracy.  Explore our metabolomics services, including mass spectrometry (LC-MS, GC-MS, ICP-MS) and NMR. We do targeted and untargeted metabolomics, plus proteomics and lipidomics. We create software, web servers, and databases for the metabolomics community and for the public. We are experts in metabolomics, and we produce experts. Check out our tutorials, our publications, our quality management at work for our clients, our research hotel for those new to metabolomics research, and more!

Watch this short video about the TMIC Wishart Node’s services and offerings.

Dr. David Wishart provides an introduction about the application of metabolomics and bioinformatics.

Dr. Wishart will hold a seminar tmrw (Feb 2) at 11am (changed from 12pm) entitled "#Metabolomics and the #multiomics view of #cancer". Go check it out at the Zane Feldman Auditorium at the Cross Cancer Inst at #UAlberta. #oncology

Did you know that ~50% of Cdn #dairy #cattle have >1 disease btwn lactation periods? Can we catch this early on? See our @Dairy_MDPI #scientificreview showing the potential of #metabolomics for #diagnosis, #treatment, & #prevention of #mastitis: https://bit.ly/3W1LYPA #ranchers

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